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Diesel Exhaust:

Diesel ExhaustAll Publications
Report No. Author Title Publication Type Date
Communication - ACES Health Effects Institute Executive Summary. The Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES) Communications 2015-12-16 Order
Special Report 19 Health Effects Institute Diesel Emissions and Lung Cancer: An Evaluation of Recent Epidemiological Evidence for Quantitative Risk Assessment Special Reports 2015-11-24 Order
184 McDonald, Jacob D et al. (Part 1); Jeffrey C Bemis et al. (Part 2); Lance M Hallberg et al. (Part 3); Daniel J Conklin and Maiying Kong (Part 4) Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES): Lifetime Cancer and Non-Cancer Assessment in Rats Exposed to New-Technology Diesel Exhaust Research Reports 2015-01-26 Order
166 McDonald, Jacob D et al. (Part 1); Jeffrey C Bemis et al. (Part 2); Lance M Hallberg et al. (Part 3); Daniel J Conklin and Maiying Kong (Part 4) Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES) Subchronic Exposure Results: Biologic Responses in Rats and Mice and Assessment of Genotoxicity Research Reports 2012-09-25 Order
165 Riedl, Marc A. , David Diaz-Sanchez, William S. Linn, Henry Gong Jr., Kenneth W. Clark, Richard M. Effros, J. Wayne Miller, David R. Cocker, and Kiros T. Berhane Allergic Inflammation in the Human Lower Respiratory Tract Affected by Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Research Reports 2012-02-23 Order
Communication 17 Mauderly, Joe L., and Jacob D. McDonald Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES) Phase 3A: Characterization of U.S. 2007-Compliant Diesel Engine and Exposure System Operation Communications 2012-02-23 Order
159 Wong, Simon S., Nina N. Sun, Cynthia D. Fastje, Mark L. Witten, R. Clark Lantz, Bao Lu, Duane L. Sherrill, Craig J. Gerard, and Jefferey L. Burgess Role of Neprilysin in Airway Inflammation Induced by Diesel Exhaust Emissions Research Reports 2011-06-10 Order
Communication 16 Health Effects Institute The Future of Vehicle Fuels and Technologies: Anticipating Health Benefits and Challenges Communications 2011-03-14 Order
151 Laskin, Debra L, Gediminas Mainelis, Barbara J Turpin, Kinal J Patel, and Vasanthi R Sunil Pulmonary Effects of Inhaled Diesel Exhaust in Young and Old Mice: A Pilot Project Research Reports 2010-09-09 Order
147 Zielinska, Barbara , Shar Samy, Jacob D. McDonald, and JeanClare Seagrave Atmospheric Transformation of Diesel Emissions Research Reports 2010-05-06 Order
145 Harkema, Jack R, James G. Wagner, Norbert E. Kaminski, Masako Morishita, Gerald J. Keeler, Jacob D. McDonald, and Edward G. Barrett Effects of Concentrated Ambient Particles and Diesel Engine Exhaust on Allergic Airway Disease in Brown Norway Rats Research Reports 2009-11-30 Order
138 Zhang, Junfeng (Jim), James E. McCreanor, Paul Cullinan, Kian Fan Chun, Pamela Ohman-Strickland, In-Kyu Han, Lars Järup, and Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen Health Effects of Real-World Exposure to Diesel Exhaust in Persons with Asthma Research Reports 2009-02-27 Order
128 Witten, Mark L, Simon S Wong, Nina N Sun, Ingegerd Keith, Chol-Bum Kweon, David E Foster, James J Schauer, and Duane L Sherrill Neurogenic Responses in Rat Lungs After Nose-Only Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Research Reports 2005-01-01 Order
Communication 10 Health Effects Institute Improving Estimates of Diesel and Other Emissions for Epidemiologic Studies Communications 2003-01-01 Order
112 Holgate, Stephen T, Thomas Sandström et al (Part I); Stephen T Holgate, Robert B Devlin, et al (Part II) Health Effects of Acute Exposure to Air Pollution Research Reports 2003-01-01 Order

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