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Preprint version, 5/04/09. A Special Report of the Institute's Panel on the Health Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution.6054 kb
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5/04/09. Appendix A, Global Trends in Motor Vehicle Types by Region and Pollution Controls; Appendix B, Fuel Composition Changes Related to Emission Controls; Appendix C, Summary of Source Apportionment Studies in the Past Decade; Appendix D, Summary of Tunnel Studies in the Past Decade; Appendix E, Subset EPA Master List of Mobile Source Air Toxics. 1137 kb
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5/04/09. Appendix A, Data Tables A1, A2, A3, A4; Appendix B, Summary of Studies for Section 3.III.2; Appendix C, Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling.284 kb

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