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Traffic-Related Air Pollution: A Critical Review of the Literature on Emissions, Exposure, and Health Effects
Report #: Special Report 17, Publication Type: Special Reports
Author: Health Effects Institute,  2010-01-12 Order this Publication
About This Publication
Please scroll down to download the report or the appendices.

A Special Report of the Institute's Panel on the Health Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution
This report is the most comprehensive and systematic review to date of the scientific literature on emissions, exposure, and health effects from traffic-related air pollution.  It includes conclusions about the populations exposed around major roads, the associations between exposure to air pollution from traffic and human health, and important remaining data gaps. Compared with the initial pre-print version released in May 2009, this final version has undergone data verification and editorial changes; however, the overall conclusions did not change.

The Appendices listed below are Available on the Web only (i.e. they are not part of the printed report).

Free Downloads:
PDF File
1/13/10.33 kb
PDF File
1/13/10.237 kb
PDF File
Press version. 1/13/10.8027 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Global Trends in Motor Vehicle Types by Region and Pollution Controls.72 kb
PDF File
2/02/10. Fuel Composition Changes Related to Emission Controls.206 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Summary of Source Apportionment Studies in the Past Decade.292 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Summary of Tunnel Studies in the Past Decade.135 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Subset of U.S. EPA Master List of Mobile-Source Air Toxics.3812 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Summary of Some Studies of Measures of Traffic and Traffic-Related Pollutants.233 kb
PDF File
1/13/10. Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling.169 kb
PDF File
1/19/10. Complete Bibliography.279 kb
PDF File
Executive Summary in German. Posted 2/22/11. 183 kb

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